June 13, 1996

 Angie was brutally murdered at her “I” Street apartment in Idaho Falls, ID sometime in the early morning hours of June 13, 1996.  Two of Angie’s co-workers discovered her lifeless exposed body at approximately 10:40 AM, when they went to Angie’s apartment out of concern, because she had not shown up for work and she was not responding to any of their phones calls.


In early 1997, Christopher Tapp was arrested and charged with first degree murder and rape after many long hours of police interrogation. During the interrogation Tapp states that he went with Benjamin Hobbs and another individual named “Mike” to Angie’s apartment at around 1:00 AM and she let them in. Tapp then claims that Hobbs and Angie got into a verbal argument regarding Hobbs ex-wife and Hobbs became in-raged and stabbed Angie. During Tapp’s interrogation, he admitted to holding Angie’s arms down while Hobbs raped her and cut her throat and that the third person raped her.


Christopher Tapp was convicted of first degree murder and rape by a jury and is now serving 25 years to life at the Idaho State Correctional Center in Boise, ID.  The DNA collected at the scene did not link Tapp or Hobbs to the murder of Angie Dodge. The DNA collected belongs to a Caucasian male and has never been matched to anyone. Caucasian male who has never been brought to justice.

Suspects – Although Tapp implicated Benjamin Hobbs as the main attacker in the murder during his many hours of interrogation, no charges have been filed against Hobbs. Investigators have interviewed Benjamin Hobbs on many occasions, but he denies any involvement in the murder.  However; Hobbs was arrested in Ely, Nevada in January 1997 in an unrelated case and charged with kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and rape of a Nevada woman and he is now serving a 25 year sentence in a Nevada prison.

Law enforcement and private Investigators continue to search for a Caucasian individual that would match the DNA evidence collected at the crime scene.

Anyone having information about the murder of Angie Dodge is urged to contact John Thomas at 208.529-1267 (or) Idaho Falls Police Department at 208.612-8661.  You can also leave a comment or information via this website.